Have a Safe Sailing After Post-Bankruptcy

Have a Safe Sailing After Post-Bankruptcy

law firmIf an individual makes up his mind to file for bankruptcy, any charges to his credit cards will be tagged as fraudulent. The debtor probably does not expect to make payments for that credit card after bankruptcy anyway.

One good tip from a bankruptcy attorney is to avoid credit cards. One of the big decisions that a client should do is to discontinue credit card usage. At first, it may be difficult for someone who is used to purchase using credit cards but it will surely help him a lot to avoid getting back to bankruptcy status. An alternative could be a debit card since it only draws his own money. It is not even a loan that should be repaid. If there are ongoing and necessary payments billed to the credit card, it needs to have a new agreement to pay those monthly bills.

legalLegal advisers in bankruptcy court riverside ca remind their clients to be mindful of the checking account float. The remaining balance in the bank account on the day that the bankruptcy case is filed is the top priority for the client and the bankruptcy trustee. It is not the one shown on the clients check register.

Be careful to write checks on the eve of filing. If the bank has not cleared those when the case is filed chances are they may not be cleared at all; as the bankruptcy trustee may require the remaining balance shown on the bank’s records on the same day the bankruptcy filed.

If the filer has to make payments before filing or counting on spending down the account, it can be done right through cashier’s checks. The amount that will be used to buy a cashier’s check is taken from the filers bank account directly and there will be no float.

Be sure to follow these steps before filing a bankruptcy case and it will help things in your financial life go smoothly. Visit a law firm like and consult an expert Riverside bankruptcy lawyer if you are still clueless about everything