How to File for Bankruptcy

How to File for Bankruptcy

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First, compile all your financial records – debts, assets, income, expenses.   This gives you better understanding of your situation as well as the one helping you and eventually, the court.

When your petition is accepted, your case is assigned to a court trustee, who sets meeting with creditors which you must attend before completing the bankruptcy process. Creditors have one last opportunity to dispute the discharge of any debts that you owe them.

The next step is to receive credit counselling from an approved provider listed on the United States Courts website within 180 days before filing your case. Moreno law firm offer their services online or over the phone.  You will receive a certificate of completion from the course and this must be a part of the paperwork when you declare bankruptcy or your filing will be rejected.  The courts want you to do this to make sure that you have exhausted all possibilities of finding a different way to handle your case.

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Next, you file the petition for bankruptcy.  At this point, you may realize you need to find bankruptcy attorney near me, in case you haven’t done so.  Legal counsel is not a requirement though for individuals filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  However, you are taking a serious risk if you choose to represent yourself. First of all, there are many forms to fill up and you do not understand federal or state bankruptcy laws, neither you are aware which law applies to your case, especially debts that can be discharged and not. Judges and court employees are not allowed to offer any advice or counsel.

May you never need this information.  In case you do, try bankruptcy attorney Moreno Valley Ca to help you get back on your feet again and move forward financially.