How to file Bankruptcy in Moreno Valley, California

Bankruptcy filing in California Overview of bankruptcy lawyer

There are several reasons that may lead to a bankruptcy in Moreno Valley, California. Some people may have lost their job. Losing a job or a regular monthly income without any savings may end to a massive use of credit card limits. And this may be a simple thing that other people can easily manage, but a tremendous problem with other people that can’t control that leads to overspending or bad budgeting. Medical expenses have the biggest percentage of the reason why people get bankrupt due to high medical expenses. While some get into the trouble of bankruptcy when getting a divorce. The Lawyer’s professional fee is a given factor, but getting into a divorce may mean sharing up some assets and sharing the responsibility of taking on a portion of your partner’s debt especially if you co-signed or has a joint account.


The 2005 Bankruptcy Act requires all debtors to undergo a six months credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy and complete a financial management course after filing bankruptcy. This may also require the debtor to answer the California bankruptcy means test to pre-qualify on what type of case must be filed. This is the test is called the Bankruptcy Act Means Test. The courts will check your average income for the past six months. You must gather all the necessary paperwork like the current income, past financial transactions for the last two years, house and car documents, or even other loans that you may have.

file bankruptcy in california

After gathering all these paperwork, You may now file it together with a two-page petition to the California District Court. Once filled an Automatic stay will be granted. This will make creditors stop contacting you.


The trustee in approximately a month after filing will call the first meeting. The objection of the meeting is to come up with a negotiation between the debtor and the creditor. A judge may intervene if a compromise cannot be done. Therefore, the best way to avoid these is by walking away from debts.