Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

Emergency Bankruptcy Filing sometimes is your only option to stop a Eviction, a Foreclosure or a Wage Garnishment. Many people for some reason or another try other options before filing for bankruptcy, and this is understandable. But in order for the emergency to stop, ie. Trustee Sale of your property, you have to get a Case Number. You can only received a case number, which makes your filing more legitimate and not just a bluff, if you actually file the correct paperwork. If you need one within 48 hours or sooner, it has to be done online.

Getting a Case number is the only information that a Trustee will recognize and stop that Auction sale almost immediately, sometimes on the same day of the auction. It’s a very clear proof that you filed the bankruptcy thru the courts. So a phone call to the Auction with your case number will do the trick. At this point, you then go forward with all the requirements to fulfill your bankruptcy filing. This On-line filing cannot be done over the phone, it must done in person. So if you call a Law Office, make sure they can do this online filing, otherwise you wasted hours if not days and not even get a case number. One Law Office that can absolutely done this on-line filing for you are the attorneys in Moreno Valley Law Firm. you can reach them thru their website www.attorneymorenovalley.com or you can give them a call at 951-339-2422. If you get a busy signal try again. You can’t waste more time looking for Law firms that can do this. I found out that only a small percentage of them about 2% will offer this type of online service. At this point does it really matter how far they are from you? The most important thing right now is to get that Case number, and a quick phone call to set this up.


Online filing you need to bring your Drivers License and any other papework you need to file, ie. your trustees sales information if its a foreclosure sale, your human resource department info if it’s a wage garnishment, your landlords info if it’s an eviction. Better yet, call first so that they can tell you what you need to bring and set that appointment and save your home, save your paycheck, get more time with your landlord. I did not mention the cost, only because at this point in the game, what’s more important your cash or your property? This is the best advice I can give.

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