Walking Away from Debt – Chapter 7

Walking away from Debts

Chapter 7 is the bankruptcy for personal debts, this is the bankruptcy that can be like 1walking away from debt. Wiping it out clean, no more creditors, no more harassing phone calls. And they can come back and collect after you start doing better years after the chapter 7 filing is discharged.

If you did it right…

So that’s why we recommend hiring a very experienced Lawyer here in moreno valley. Why, because if you did not completely file “all of your debtors” effectively even after several years they can still collect from you. Why? because they were not included in the filing. Guess how many creditors of yours, would like that to happen? Every single one.

So do you want to be cheap about filing or try to do it yourself?  I don’t know about you, but I rather bite the bullet now and make sure I can have a better future financially after. So try not to thing about saving a couple hundred dollars, to trade that for the peace you will have for your financial future.


Walking Away from Debts, is doable if you filed correctly, and get approved. Best to hire an Attorney to handle this filing so that we can be assured no financial harm with bite you in the future.

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