Do I Need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Riverside

With a Bankruptcy Lawyer or by Oneself

Bankrupcy AttorneyIn the event of bankruptcy, is the best course of action to get a low-cost bankruptcy lawyer or bankruptcy attorney. Most of the debtors choose a lawyer to help them through the bankruptcy process and to ensure that they get all the maximum benefits they deserve and suffer none of the disadvantages. I’m sure you might be thinking that there is an excellent chance that if we do it without a lawyer, we would suffer most of the pitfalls and deny oneself of all if not some of the benefits.


   The bankruptcy litigation required that one should be familiar with the United States Bankruptcy Code and expected in following the rules and procedures in federal courts as well as filed in the local jurisdiction. If you submitted the bankruptcy in the US Bankruptcy Court of Riverside CA then one should follow its designated rules and procedures.


   If one cannot afford to get a lawyer, then the court will consider that a pro se (represented by oneself) or pro per (a person who handles his or her case). In the instance of pro se or pro per filing, you may be offered services by non-attorney petition preparers. Remember this, non-attorney preparers can only enter information into forms. They are not allowed to provide legal advice, answer/explain questions, and they cannot assist you in bankruptcy court. They also prohibit from receiving payment or fees.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In California

   If the status of your finances is not complicated, meaning you do not have loans or mortgages with collateral, then this might work for you. You can also do some research and take advantage of the free initial consultation of a consumer BK attorney.  


   The main difference is the amount of money, time and effort you will spend in filing the bankruptcy. Spending a couple of hundreds of dollars in getting a bankruptcy lawyer will make things easier. But if you do not have the money then you will spend a lot of time and effort with the assistance of a non-attorney preparer like a paralegal assistant. Whatever option you choose whether a lawyer or pro se, just make sure that it would tailor-fit your needs and situation.